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Consider the Digital Dental X-Ray

Dental X-rays are a necessary part of oral care. Dentists use X-rays to get a better look at a person’s mouth, which allows them to detect diseases and viruses sooner.  Every person who visits a dentist for the first time receives X-rays, but that is one example of when they are used to treat dental health.

Dental X-rays have long been part of the dental care system. Advancements in technology have now given dentists the ability to use digital dental x ray in Ocoee.

Digital dental X-rays offer even more capabilities for dentists. Patients enjoy early care and diagnosis of many conditions. Additional benefits that come with use of digital dental X-rays include:

·    While the risk of radiation exposure during a dental X-ray is small, even when using traditional options, the amount of radiation transmitted is even less when using digital dental X-rays.

·    Dentists get an even better look at a person’s mouth.

·    Enhanced images.

·    Enlargement options give dentists those enhanced images that allow them to better see your oral health and teeth.

·    Digital X-rays save considerable amounts of time and money. Most insurance plans cover the cost of x-rays as well.

·    Improved diagnosis can also improve your quality of life. This is a benefit that you can expect with the use of a digital x-ray.

·    Digital X-rays can also be stored digitally, which is an impressive benefit for patients and medical facilities.

dental x ray in Ocoee

The benefits on the above list are among many that patients receive when choosing digital dental X-rays. Talk to your dentist to learn more about the benefits and to learn if this option is available for you. Take advantage of dental X-rays whenever possible. You will appreciate the results.