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Priority Office Surfaces To Disinfect

Most commercial spaces recognize the need for regular cleaning and maintain a routine for the same. They may even rely on office cleaning in Denver, CO professionals to help them out now and then.

However, there are certain office spots that even the most conscious people may overlook. These can then become a hotspot for germs and lead to health problems among employees. So here are the top surfaces around your office that require routine disinfecting.


When it comes down to it, phones are office objects that several employees handle throughout the day. Not to mention, they are also the ones that come nearest to the face. So it is of utmost importance that you wipe phones down with a cloth and some cleaning solution.

Once you do that, you should give them another cleaning with some disinfectant wipes. Remember, however, to unplug phones before doing any of this.


Besides phones, employees also touch doorknobs and cabinet handles quite frequently. These tend to be the most common spots for passing off germs from one person to the next. To keep these knobs clean, routinely spray them with antibacterial solution throughout the day.

Keyboards And Mice

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Likely, employees spend a lot of time using keyboards and mice. However, they might not spend as much time sanitizing these objects. It is crucial to avoid this mistake.

You can clear out accumulated dust and debris from between the keys by spraying them with compressed air. Then pay heed to each key by cleaning them separately with a cotton swab and cleaning solution. Finally, wipe the entire keyboard down with a cloth and some cleaning solution.

Final Thoughts

When you clean your office, you might spend a lot of time on spots like floors, windows, and more. However, in doing so, you don’t want to miss out on the mentioned spots either.

After all, these tend to be objects you use the most. So ensure you give them the routine cleaning they deserve!